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Quantum Radar Software

Software download and update information for Raymarine Quantum products:

  • Applicable for: Quantum Radomes
  • Software Version: v1.51
  • Release Date: January 2017
  • Minimum Multifunction Display Software Version: LightHouseTM Software Version 17 or later



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Software History

Version Release Date Features
v1.51 App Jan 2017
  • Resolves an issue whereby some units had "Transmitter Disabled" after a production line test, preventing the display of any Radar Targets.
    • Note; If you are seeing Targets on your Multifunction Display screen, then there is no reason to upgrade from v1.50app to this v1.51app in the Quantum Radar.

v1.50 App

v1.16 W3

Sep 2016
  • General Performance improvements for Wi-Fi connectivity
v1.46 App May 2016
  • General Performance improvements for Hardware/PSU
v1.45 App May 2016
  • Improved PSU operation

v1.44 App

1.14 W3

May 2016
  • Changes to Low Voltage threshold
  • Modifications for Production Tests
  • Improvementrs to Short Range performance
  • Modified network ID code
  • Improved Pairing functionality
  • General Bug fixes and improvements
v1.39 App Mar 2016
  • Improved tolerance for PA driver

v1.36 App

1.13 W3

Mar 2016
  • Initial Release