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Meet Skip Novak....


Skip Novak, best known for taking part in four Whitbread Round the World Races, is one of Raymarine’s ambassadors and so far has spent 23 seasons in the Antarctic onboard his boats Pelagic and Pelagic Australis supported by Raymarine’s instruments and equipment.

The relationship between Skip and Raymarine began in the mid-1990s when Skip approached Raymarine to find a reliable, accurate, low maintenance system. He describes his Raymarine electronics as, “as near as possible a serviceless solution!”

With well over 110,000 miles under her keel, Pelagic Australis, which specialises in high latitude destinations, has tested the equipment to its limits in some extreme sailing conditions; ranging from freezing conditions, zero visibility to 60 knots of wind. 


Skip and Raymarine


Skip talks about his Raymarine kit versus the elements, "A good radar is essential not only for ultimate safety, but to be able to keep pace on and keep to schedule. Speed is essential to cut exposure to the elements to a minimum. During our expeditions, whatever the weather is, it can always get worse!

Our 10kW open array scanner coupled to the display unit is our most precious piece of equipment both offshore and near shore. Voyaging to South Georgia it is not uncommon to have at least a dozen berg images on the screen. Of course, we still keep a berg watch out (not a pleasant job) from the cockpit, but by having this pair of electronic eyes it makes an unnerving situation far less so.” 

Skip Novak, Pelagic Expeditions

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