Raymarine Mechanical Linear Drive and SPX-10


You have selected a Mechanical Linear Drive steering system and your boat's displacement is less than 11,000kg. Raymarine recommends:


 Mechanical linear drive    

Raymarine SmartPilot SPX10 front

Raymarine Mechanical Linear

Type 1 Drive


Raymarine SPX-10 Course Computer

M81130   E12198




Mechanical linear drive

 Raymarine Mechanical Linear Type 1 Drive


Designed for boats with existing mechanical steering systems. The mechanical linear drive provides powerful thrust, fast hardover times and quiet operation.


• low backdrive force, to minimise the drive’s effect on the boat’s steering when the autopilot is in standby

• a powerful electric motor controlled by an electromagnetic fail-safe clutch, using a high tensile belt drive and epicyclic gearbox

• high performance for minimum current consumption






 Raymarine SPX-10 Course Computer


The Raymarine SmartPilot X-10 corepack features an integrated rate-gyro processor as standard equipment. The rate gyro, combined with Raymarine’s exclusive AST (Advanced Steering Technology) software algorithms ensure razor-sharp course keeping under any sea conditions. The Raymarine SmartPilot X-10 also offers the convenience of rudder reference-less operation as well as data connections for SeaTalk, SeaTalkNG and NMEA 0183 giving the Raymarine SmartPilot X-10 unprecedented connectivity.

SPX 10 right