Software Version: v1.14
Release Date: March 2012
Replaces: v1.01, 1.10, 1.11
Effected Products: E22158 SeaTalk one to SeaTalkng

Important Notes:

Downloading the Software

1 - Select the software update below depending on which Multifunction Display you will be using to perform the Remote Update

A Series C Series Classic E Series Classic C Series Wide E Series Wide G Series V 2 G Series V 4 a/c/e Series
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2 - Visit our dedicated instruction page for step by step instructions on how to update your remote product. The page is separated so you can easily print the page

Changes in this update

  • Improved support for support for the Seatalk 1 Joystick.

Previous Versions

v1.11 -  September 2011

  • Improved tunneling of Autopilot messages -corrects the intermittent error message of “nopilot” being displayed on Seatalk1 control units, when being tunneled through the STNG backbone.

V1.10 - April 2011

  • Speed-through-the-Water (STW) Invalidity Check implemented, to ensure Converter doesn’t stop the conversion of STW from other sources.
  • Converter now automatically checks / upgrades its boot loader at power on.
  • Additional tunnelled messages now supported
  • PGN 129540 modified to transmit correct status value for satellites used in Differential mode.
  • PGN 129029 now correctly initializes the default values for PDOP, Geoidal Separation, Altitude and Integrity, to “unavailable”.
  • Default starting source address preset to 115 instead of 0, to resolve some PGN conflicts from other sources

v1.01 September 2010

  • Corrects an intermittent error in SOG data, when the converter is being used to convert the RS125+ from Seatalk1 to SeatalkNG.

v1.00 Initial Release - July 2010