How does Raymarine’s dual channel sonar differ from the products available in the market?


1) both channels use CHIRP technology to enhance the resolution so that individual targets can been seen clearly 

2) both channels ping simultaneously thus marking exactly the same targets and structure below the boat, the competition alternate between channels, thus Dragonfly has the potential to effectively have twice the pings rates and therefore twice the along track resolution.


Can you network? 


Dragonfly is a Stand Alone unit and so cannot be networked to any other product. This includes NOT interfacing via: NMEA0183, NMEA2000, SeaTalkng, SeaTalkHS, RayNet, SeaTalk1, Bluetooth & Wifi.


What is the power consumption? 


8 watts at full brightness. – about 4.5w in Powersave Mode.


Will the unit work at 24v? 


No, the unit is 12vDC only. (10.2-16.6vDC)

What fuse do I use for installing my Dragonfly?

A 5A fuse or a thermal breaker of the same rating.

I cannot clip my Dragonfly into the bracket

How do I reset my Dragonfly if I cannot get to the menu option?


1 - (With the unit powered off) Press and release the power key to turn it on, as soon as you see the “Dragonfly” logo on the screen, press and hold the power key.

2 - You will now see a reset menu page.

3 - Press the power key to select the required option (1. Reset FLOB and Bluetooth) which will reset the unit back to factory defaults.

4 - The unit will then count down 7 seconds and then do the option selected. If you have changed you mind, press the power key before the 7 seconds runs out, until you get to the top of the menu with no count down.

Please make sure you have backed up any Waypoints/Tracks/User Settings that you wish to keep to an external mSD card before performing the reset.  You will not be able to recover them afterwards.


Where can I find the latest manual and mounting templates for Dragonfly?

These are located in our manual section located here

How can I update the sw? 


Yes, the software can be updated via the MicroSD card reader slot, and updates will be available for download on the web site as they are released.

Where can I download the latest software for my Dragonfly?

You can download the latest software here

How do I keep up to date with new software releases?

You can follow us on Facebook where we announce all software releases for our products, press the Like button below to follow us.





How deep does the sonar go?


The depth range is stated as 600ft (183m), but this is dependent on many factors including the water type (fresh or salt), the clarity (thermoclines and aeration), the bottom hardness (harder bottoms produce stronger returns) and boat speed and installation. Tests so far have shown that in typical fresh water conditions depths in excess of 700ft (213m) on both channels can be achieved, while salt water tests have shown depths in excess of 890ft (271m) for the sounder channel and greater than 360ft (110m) for the DownVision can be achieved. (see some of the screen shots below).





Salt water deep - DownVision 


Salt water deep - SONAR 


Fresh water deep - DownVision 


Fresh water deep - SONAR 


What is the minimum depth the SONAR can track to? 


2 foot (0.6m) is the absolute minimum


Why does the depth reading not correspond with to the DownVision picture?


When in dual channel mode the depth reading is taken from the sounder channel which has a wider beam width fore/aft than the DownVision channel. A fast changing depth will remain in the sounder beam longer than the DownVision, therefore producing a different picture and therefore different depth profile.


Is it likely the sonar will interfere with other sonar receivers? 


Yes, it is possible to see or cause interference as some of the SONAR CHIRP frequencies cover the same spectrum as other SONAR products.


Can you turn off the sonar transmitter? 


Yes, you can disable the SONAR Ping, which is located under the power button menu.


How fast can I go with Down Vision? 


The system has been tested up to 45 knots, but the SONAR performance heavily depends on the installation.


CHIRP sounders are normally much more expensive, does Dragonfly truly use CHRIP?


Yes. Both channels use CHIRP signals to produce exceptional resolution and low noise.


Is the CPT60 transducer a true broadband transducer?


Yes. Both elements in the transducer can support CHIRP signals and also have the characteristic low ringing feature of broadband transducers, which allows very shallow water operation and better target resolution.


Why do I get lines parallel and close to the water surface?


This is likely to be due to reflections from objects close to the transducer such as the propeller. Both sonar beams are very wide so careful positioning during installation is paramount (Refer to the installation manual).


My pictures do not have the clarity that I was expecting?


For the best picture quality it is important to avoid boat motions that would disrupt the generation of the pictures, such as boat steer, yaw or drift such as leeway.






Can I record Waypoints and tracks? 


Yes, you can create waypoints and record Tracks. These also can be saved to a MicroSD card for backup.


What cartography does the unit support? 


Dragonfly supports the following charts from Navionics: Silver, Gold, Gold+ and Hotmaps


Does the unit support bathymetric charts? 


No, it does not support/display Bathymetric charts

Can I create Routes?

Dragonfly only supports Waypoints and Tracks.  There is no Route function





Is there a through hull transducer? 


Currently, we only supply a Transom Mount Depth/Temperature Transducer for Dragonfly.


How long is the transducer cable? 


The Transducer has a 6m Cable, which can be extended by a 4m extension accessory cable.


Is there an extension cable? 


Yes, 4m in length. Part Number = A80224


Can I mount the transducer on a trolling motor? 


A80207 accessory will be available for all versions of Minn Kota and Motor Guide trolling motors.


How can I prevent my kick up bracket kicking up too easily? 


Adjust the “Kick-up Adjustment Screw” on the transducer to make it more resilient to the forces being applied to the bracket.


Is a suncover available? 


Yes, as an accessory, Part Number = R70134


Can I purchase a case for my Dragonfly? 


Yes, as an accessory. Part Number = A80206


Can I flush Mount my Dragonfly unit instead of Trunnion Mounting it? 


Yes, you can purchase the “Surface Mount Adaptor” kit. Part Number = A80223


Where can I buy the security THULE lock? 


It can be purchased on line at or at retailers of sporting goods and bicycles. Choose the model 544 lock.


How can I update the sw? 


Yes, the software can be updated via the MicroSD card reader slot, and updates will be available for download on the web site as they are released.


What is the Maximum memory card (uSD) that the unit supports?  


Any MicroSDHC memory card up to 32gb.