Raymarine Warranty FAQ

All FAQ are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Raymarine Global Warranty policy


When does the new warranty start?

It applies to products installed or commissioned after June 1st 2011.

What is standard limited warranty?

Standard limited warranty is available on all Raymarine products and allows for repairs to be undertaken by an approved Raymarine service centre or repair facility in their own workshops at no charge.

What is Onboard warranty?

Onboard warranty is applied to most products installed by Raymarine approved installers, OEMs and service agents and allows for on-board repair by the closest Raymarine approved service agent at no additional cost, subject to certain limitations.

How do I get onboard warranty?

Onboard warranty is applied to all products which are installed by Raymarine approved OEM boatbuilders.Onboard warranty is also applied to specific equipment installed by Raymarine approved Service dealers and installers – (for a list of what equipment is covered, view the full warranty policy).

What products are covered by onboard warranty?

All products installed by a Raymarine approved OEM boatbuilder and specific products installed by Raymarine approved installers or service agents – for a list of what equipment is covered please view the Appendix of the Global Warranty Policy.

What is the warranty applied to refurbished products purchased separately?

Refurbished products purchased separately have a 2 year warranty.

Do refurbished products have On-Board Warranty if installed by an Agent/Installer?

Refurbished products do not qualify for onboard warranty.

Who can install products so that I get onboard warranty?

Any approved Raymarine OEM boatbuilder, installer or service agent.

Can I return a refurbished product to any Agent for warranty work, or is it directly back to Raymarine UK Ltd/ Raymarine Inc?

Refurbished products can be returned for repair to any Raymarine approved Service Centre or to any of our Raymarine Repair facilities worldwide.

How can I find the nearest Raymarine approved service agent? Visit the dealer locator for a full World-wide list of Raymarine approved service agents.

If I install the product myself, is it covered by warranty?

Yes, but standard limited warranty only, it is not covered by onboard warranty.

Where can I find a list of the products which are not covered by onboard warranty if they are not part of the original installation carried out by the boat builder/ OEM?

View the full policy for an updated list of what is covered.

If I have standard limited warranty, can I have the products repaired onboard my boat under warranty?

No, the faulty products have to be removed and sent to a Raymarine Approved Service workshop or repair facility.

Can I have my equipment repaired onboard even if I do not have onboard warranty?

The repairs can be carried out onboard, with prior agreement with the local Raymarine approved agent, provided the customer pays for travel and mileage costs to and from the boat as well as all other incidental costs. Raymarine will only cover the actual repair of the product which must cost no more than it would otherwise cost in the local agent’s workshop.

Do I have to register to get my Raymarine Standard limited warranty?

No, all products are supplied with a 2 year Raymarine Standard limited warranty.

Where do I register my products?

Products should be registered on the product registration section of the website.

How can I get the free extra year’s warranty?

All products MUST be registered online within 90 days, either of purchase or of delivery of the boat, they will then have their Warranty period extended from 2 years to 3 years at no extra cost.

If I register online, how can I prove I have warranty?

Keep a copy of the record from the website of the registered products on board the boat, along with a copy of the proof of purchase of the products.

How does a customer record the different serial numbers of units installed on his boat?

The installing dealer can print off the multiple barcode label card from dealer area of the website, stick on the spare barcode labels which come with the product and give a copy back to customer for his records and to keep on the boat.ORThe customer can register his products on-line and when complete can print off the final page which gives a record of his products, serial numbers and effectivity dates.

If I am not the original owner can I still have the extra year’s free warranty?

No, this offer only applies to the original owner/ purchaser.

Can I extend the warranty on my refurbished product?

No, the extended warranty does not cover refurbished products.

How do I prove I have 3 years warranty?

All registered products can be seen in your account and the start date and expiry dates of warranty are displayed in ‘My Products.’

If I have a unit which has been registered and so has the three year warranty coverage, but then fails within the first year, and is subsequently replaced with a refurbished unit, what warranty is applied to the refurbished unit?

In this situation, the refurbished unit assumes the balance of the warranty of the original unit – even if this is more than the 2 years normally applied to refurbished units.

How do I check the warranty status of my product?

Check your Raymarine INSIDER account, all products that you have registered will be visible in the ‘my Products’ section.

How does the Raymarine warranty affect my statutory rights?

The Raymarine warranty does not affect a customer’s statutory rights.

Does the warranty remain with the product, the boat or the customer?

The Raymarine warranty is non transferrable and so is only applicable to the original purchaser.

Can I purchase onboard warranty?

No, onboard warranty is only available at the time of purchase, when equipment is installed by Raymarine approved OEM boatbuilders, Installers or service agents.

How can I check if the equipment has been installed by an approved OEM?

Dealers can log in to the dealer area where the list of approved OEM boatbuilders is available in the ‘OEM (Approved Boat Builder) Database’, or contact Raymarine.

What proof do I need to verify my warranty status to Raymarine approved Service agent or repair facility?

End user – proof of purchase with customer name, product number, serial number and date.Installer – proof of purchase, product number, serial number, customer name and address.

How can I prove the sales invoice or receipt applies to the failed product?

Product and Serial numbers, customer’s name and address MUST be written on dated sales invoices and receipts given to customers.

Can I HOT SWAP any product?

No, only products within their 1st year of a valid standard limited warranty can be HOT SWAPPED, this excludes certain products and countries.. you will need to discuss each case with Raymarine Warranty Support.

If I buy a product in a different country from the one it was installed in, can I have onboard warranty?

Provided that the product has been purchased AND installed within the same Raymarine geographic areas, then the product will be covered by onboard warranty.

If I have a HOT SWAP replacement, how much warranty is applied to the replacement?

The HOT SWAP unit carries the balance of the warranty remaining from the original purchase.

Are haul out costs to change a through hull transducer covered by onboard warranty?

Haul out costs are not covered by Raymarine’s standard limited nor onboard warranty.

Are commissioning/ set-up or sea trials covered by onboard warranty?

No, Commissioning, set-up and sea trials are the responsibility of the installer / boat broker / service agent and are not covered by onboard warranty. There may be exceptional cases where the replacement of equipment requires a seatrial to re-commission the system, prior written authorization from Raymarine is required in every case.

Why are some products covered by on-board warranty when installed by an OEM but not when installed by a Service Dealer?

Raymarine excludes certain equipment which is either stand alone or is not installed as part of an integrated system.