Winter Refit Special Offer:

Save up to £1500 towards the cost of your Electronics Winter Refit

On Select Raymarine Products

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  • Raymarine will contribute towards the cost of installing products that qualify within this Winter promotion, by paying towards the cost of labour and therefore reducing the overall cost of your winter refit.
  • If required, additional labour, materials and parts for a complete installation will be charged at your approved service dealer’s standard rates and prices.
  • Please ensure you have your boat surveyed by your dealer to get a quote for the overall cost, prior to installation.
  • All qualifying products must to be purchased between 1st December and 31st January from a UK / Republic of Ireland Service Dealer and installed by the same dealer. As a result the products will all qualify for a 3 year on-board warranty.
  • Installation paid for by Raymarine for qualifying products will be capped at the following values with a maximum contribution of £1500:
The new eS Series Multifunction Display | Raymarine

eS 9/12 MFDs
£180 Contribution towards labour

The gS Series Multifunction Display | Raymarine

gS 9/12/16/19 MFDs
£360 Contribution towards labour

Quantum Antennas | Raymarine

£45 Contribution towards labour

HD Colour and Super HD Colour Open Array Scanners | Raymarine

Open Arrays
£180 Contribution towards labour

Evolution Autopilots | Raymarine

£360 Contribution towards labour - Excludes EV-100 and EV-2 (DBW) Pilots

i70s Multifunction Instrument Display | Raymarine

i70s Instruments
£45 Contribution towards labour

Ray260 VHF Radio Communications | Raymarine

Ray260 VHF
£90 Contribution towards labour