Neil Millerchip

Neil Millerchip

Head of Product Assurance and Testing

Navigating the Waters of Marine Electronics: Meet Neil Millerchip

Neil Millerchip has worked at Raymarine headquarters in the UK for over 20 years.  With a diverse background spanning the Royal Navy, and volunteer work with the RNLI, he brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to his role as Head of Product Assurance and Testing.

Royal Navy Background

Neil's journey in marine electronics began with seven years of service in the Royal Navy as an electronics engineer, stationed aboard HMS Berwick and Achilles. His hands-on experience in maintaining and operating electronic systems in a naval environment provided him with a solid foundation in marine technology.

Neil Millerchip

RNLI Volunteer Work

He has also dedicated twenty years of his life to serving as a volunteer crew member and Search and Rescue (SAR) manager at the Portsmouth Lifeboat Station RNLI. His commitment to saving lives at sea and his intimate knowledge of maritime safety protocols further underscore his passion for the marine industry.

RNLI Volunteer - Neil Millerchip

Commercial Operations with Raymarine

In his current role, Neil manages, supports, and drives various teams while providing marine domain expertise to ensure that Raymarine's products meet commercial requirements and quality standards. Driving continuous improvement through lessons learned and staying updated on evolving environmental requirements are essential for success.

Over two decades, Neil has managed a fleet of test boats providing invaluable insights into the performance and functionality of marine electronics in real-world.

Raymariner - Test Boat for Raymarine

This robust approach, coupled with dedicated in inhouse environmental testing laboratories ensure that every Raymarine product is prepared for the challenges of a marine environment, from harsh mid ocean storms to the extremes of temperature when navigating at high or tropical latitudes.