Ocean Youth Trust South' s ‘Prolific’ Re-fitted with the Latest Raymarine Technology

Ocean Youth Trust South's ‘Prolific’ Re-fitted with the Latest Raymarine Technology

Thursday, May 18, 2017

OYT Prolific 2Raymarine enjoys a long-standing association with Ocean Youth Trust South and, it goes without saying, recognises the benefits of learning to sail and the advantages that young people can gain through using marine electronics. Not only does an understanding of how the equipment works teach navigational skills and offers more familiarity with the maritime world, but it also contributes to an understanding of geography and the world as a whole.

Replacing the well-known ‘John Laing’, the newly re-fitted ‘Prolific’ set sail on her first voyage with the charity in April of this year. 

Ocean Youth Trust South’s newest vessel, the 30-metre ‘Prolific’, has undergone an upgrade to her electronics suite with the installation of Raymarine’s  renowned eS Series Multifunction Displays, which will provide GPS navigation to the ‘Prolific’ crew.  The Quantum CHIRP Radar integrates with the eS Series and is an extra set of eyes in limited visibility, and  the Evolution Autopilot is set to become a trusted member of the crew; keeping ‘Prolific’ on a steady course in all conditions.   The upgrade is a result of a recent refit, which has enabled ‘Prolific’ to fulfill her new role as a sail training vessel for the charity to offer Adventure Under Sail as a development opportunity for young people.

A voyage aboard ‘Prolific’ is designed to develop confidence, team-working, as well as the ability to cope with unfamiliar situations, and tolerance and understanding of others. As part of their time aboard, the young crew members are encouraged to sail the boat, keep watch and help to navigate. They also learn basic life skills such as cooking and healthy eating. 

‘Prolific’ was built in 2005 and prior to being purchased by Ocean Youth Trust South in 2015, the vessel was most recently used for a community project in Norway for young adults needing support in education and employment. Now sailing with Ocean Youth Trust South, ‘Prolific’ is destined to sail in the region of 450 young people annually, sailing in the English Channel as well as various overseas voyages. 

In addition to this season’s voyages from April – October, Ocean Youth Trust South is opening the vessel up to the public to step aboard and view throughout the Poole Harbour Boat Show from 19th – 21st May 2017 and Gosport Marine Festival on 27th May 2017. Additionally, in July and August, ‘Prolific’ is participating in various Tall Ships festivals and races. 

Vessel tracking ‘Prolific’: http://www.oytsouth.org/tracking.asp 

Watch ‘Prolific’ sailing: https://youtu.be/TQ2Elp8AJvw 

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