Live Weather Briefing with British Sailing Team Meteorologist for 2017 Round the Island Race Competitors | Raymarine by FLIR

Live Weather Briefing with British Sailing Team Meteorologist for 2017 Round the Island Race Competitors

Monday, June 12, 2017

Round The Island Race 2017 | Raymarine by FLIR

Raymarine has teamed up with one of Britain’s top sailing meteorologists, Simon Rowell, to give the all-important Weather Briefing to competitors taking part in the 2017 Round the Island Race in association with Cloudy Bay. The Weather Briefing will take place on the eve of the race on Friday 30th June, 18:00 at the Island Sailing Club, Cowes and competitors are encouraged to attend, to get the most up-to-date the weather and tidal information ahead of race day.

Now marking Raymarine’s 14th year as the official Technical Partner of the Round the Island Race, the company will once again play a key role in providing competitors with essential pre-race information.

Simon will present the Raymarine Weather Briefing using Theyr high precision weather and ocean forecasting software. The information will be delivered via Raymarine’s global weather forecasting app, which is powered by the company’s Lighthouse operating system. In addition to the weather, tide and sea state, Simon will also give a course overview, exclusion zones and anticipated race conditions at key areas of concern.

With many years of practical experience as meteorologist for the British Sailing Team and a string of high profile racing achievements, including winning skipper on the 2002 Clipper Round the World Race and Assistant Race Director for Clipper Ventures, Simon will offer invaluable advice on the local waters in addition to the detailed weather forecast.

The annual Weather Briefing for the Round the Island Race is a ‘must attend’ event for competitors and is the culmination of a series live weather reports in the run up to the race. The Briefing will be streamed live on and on the official Race website

The Weather Briefing is free to attend or watch streamed and will also be available post the event.

When visiting, competitors are also invited to register to receive free weather, hints and tips via email in the lead-up to the race.