Sailing Features for Cruisers and Racers in Annapolis 3.9

Sailing Features for Cruisers and Racers in Annapolis 3.9

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

LightHouse Annapolis 3.9 | Raymarine by FLIR

LightHouse Annapolis brings a new range of performance sailing features to LightHouse 3 including Laylines, Polars, and new advanced data displays.


Annapolis 3.9 - Live Layline Display | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Laylines are a dynamic rendering on your navigation chart that show how far the boat must sail on its current tack in order to make its target waypoint after tacking, given present wind conditions. Sailing along laylines maximizes your Velocity Made Good (VMG) to windward, making upwind sailing as efficient as possible.

Laylines are derived from your boat’s sail performance profile and can be configured to account for both tidal current and leeway. Laylines can be configured to display from a performance profile using Fixed Angles or from detailed performance specifications called Polars.

LightHouse 3.9 Software Update - Built-in Polar Performance Data | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR


Polars are a detailed plot of performance data for a specific boat model. Polar plots are published by boat builders and indicate the theoretical attainable speed for that boat at various wind speeds.

LightHouse 3.9 has built-in polars for over 200 popular models of sailboats. Once you select the polar for your boat, the displayed laylines are optimized for your boat, and your MFD can even display polar performance data in its newly enhanced Dashboard application.


Annapolis 3.9 - Dashboard App and Sailing Dials | Raymarine - A Brand by FLIR

Raymarine has added new sailing data items and dials to the Dashboard App that can be displayed alongside laylines on your chart. These new additions help to indicate which direction to steer in order to maximize your VMG to windward. Additional data items can show you the percentage of performance achieved against your boat’s polar plot. Now you’ll know for certain if you have optimized your sail trim!

New displayable data items include distance to tack, time to tack, sailing distance to waypoint, waypoint time to go, speed through water, target speed through water, steer to layline and polar performance.

The Navigation and Sailing dials have been enhanced to give you even more information when under sail with virtual analogue needle displays with Apparent Wind Angle, True Wind Direction, Apparent Wind Angle, Heading, Tide direction and Course Over Ground. New Sailing Dials can show Port, Starboard and Downwind wind angle targets along with apparent wind speed/angle, true wind speed/angle and historical wind angle.

LightHouse 3 is now available for eS & gS Series Multifunction Displays as well as Axiom, Axiom Pro & Axiom XL models.

To download the latest version visit LightHouse Annapolis 3.9