Raymarine – for sailors, by sailors

Raymarine – for sailors, by sailors

Tuesday, September 3, 2019


Raymarine’s product range leverages the hands-on experience and expertise of maritime professionals to make sailing “easier, safer and simpler” for cruisers and club racers alike

Sometimes, cruising sailors can get so caught up in the complexities that they forget to enjoy themselves. Anything which helps the sailing community to appreciate outings on the water and feel secure is invaluable – which is where Raymarine comes in. 


“We’re very keen on providing solutions that make sailing easier, safer, simpler,” stresses Greg Wells, Raymarine’s EMEA OEM Sales Manager. “Easy user interfaces, plug-and-play products. In the cruising world, it’s all about what’s going on around you at any given time, and the products we have for that are doppler radar, AIS and multifunction navigation displays, all designed to integrate together seamlessly, amplifying your awareness and making your time on the water less stressful.”

Will Sayer, Raymarine’s Global Product Manager, keenly extols the benefits which Raymarine’s LightHouse 3 operating system offers to cruising sailors. The latest LightHouse updates, including the most recent LightHouse Bermuda, brings more than 25 new features including a live display of dynamic laylines on the navigation chart and built-in polar performance data for over 200 sailboat models. 

“You can put in fixed tack angles or take polar information,” Will observes, “and it’s very simple. You just choose your boat, or one that’s similar, from a long list we’ve already provided. This can give you targets, tack angles and more performance-related data – and again, it’s all about making life easier and more intuitive.”

Will is similarly enthused about Raymarine’s next-generation Quantum 2 CHIRP radar. “One of the immediate benefits is that it uses Doppler collision-avoidance technology. The second you see a target, we now colour-code it as to whether it’s approaching or moving away.”


“The great thing about Doppler,” adds Greg, “is that it comes on immediately; there’s virtually no start-up time, no delay, bang, it’s there, it works, and it tells you straight away where your dangers are. It even spots dangers for you that you don’t even know about.”

Will and Greg both light up when discussing Raymarine’s AR200 Augmented Reality Sensor, which enables the use of the ClearCruise Augmented Reality display when combined with a compatible IP camera, overlaying objects directly onto Raymarine’s line of Axiom MFDs. “ClearCruise AR clears up any confusion when entering a new harbour or bay or location,” Will says. “If you’re looking for a specific buoy, for example, you can now see it on a screen right in front of you, labelled beautifully.”


“Another advantage of AR on sailing boats is that the ClearCruise technology will identify and display objects even if they’re hidden from your view behind the sails,” comments Greg, “so it’s nice to know there’s something else looking out for you.”

Add to all of this the improved sailing dashboard display in latest release of LightHouse, with performance-optimising features including a new dynamic wind dial plus distance and time to tack indicators, and it’s abundantly clear that Raymarine has all the bases covered when it comes to enhancing the sailing experience.