Evolution R4: Autopilot Perfection

R4 is the most significant update to Raymarine’s award-winning Evolution™ Autopilots.

Major enhancements include:

  • 9-axis gyro stabilization of wind and navigation data
  • Increased accuracy and responsiveness
  • Evolution TrackIQ™ for tighter track-keeping and acquisition
  • Improved interface and calibration
Evolution R4 - Performance Tuned | Raymarine by FLIR

Pro Spotlight: Andrea Mura Wins Regatta with Evolution R4

Wind Stabilization

Wind and Vessel Motion: Evolution’s intelligent EV sensor core fuses wind and vessel motion data to better determine true wind conditions

Extremely Stable Steer-to-Wind Angle: Let Evolution steer to a set wind angle, sail downwind, or close hauled without risk of gybing or heading up into the wind

Superior Wind-Shift Detection: Evolution detects and automatically responds to true wind shifts, and prevents unnecessary trimming of sails

Crisp and Efficient Auto Tacking: Evolution filters out the effects of vessel movement for fast and precise Auto Tacking in all sea conditions

Evolution TrackIQ™: Intelligent Waypoint Tracking

Evolution TrackIQ™ technology removes the detrimental effects of vessel motion, while intelligently monitoring cross track error, speed, heading, and course over ground.

The result is ultra precise waypoint tracking with little to no deviation from the course line.

Additional Evolution R4 Enhancements

Evolution R4 includes several enhancements to make setting up and operating your autopilot even easier than before.

  • While underway, establish a new course by selecting Restart XTE on your p70 or p70R pilot controller.
  • Improved automatic background calibration.
  • Enhanced integration with popular Autopilot Joystick Controller and solenoid drive systems.

Where To Get Evolution R4