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Hydro-Balance™ technology for Evolution Autopilots

Introducing Hydro-Balance™

Hydro-Balance™ Technology is an all new, patent-pending software update that delivers superior autopilot performance on boats with hydraulic steering, and particularly on boats with rudder reference-less steering and outboard motors.


Hydro-Balance is available for FREE, to all Evolution owners

It’s easy to add Hydro-Balance™ Technology to any existing Evolution™ autopilot system via a simple software upgrade. Click here to view the latest Raymarine software upgrade, or see your local Raymarine dealer today.

What does Hydro-Balance™ do?

Hydro-Balance’s powerful algorithms can automatically detect and compensate for 3 common challenges

Elasticity - Hydrobalance | Raymarine

Challenge: Hydraulic System Elasticity (or Flex) is caused by the air bubbles trapped in the boat’s steering system components creating variation in the movements of the system. Elasticity changes the overall volume of the hydraulic system and makes it difficult or impossible for conventional autopilots without a rudder reference transducer to accurately measure the actual rudder (or motor) angle.

Solution: Evolution’s new Hydro-Balance algorithm can quickly and accurately gauge the amount of elasticity when the system is engaged, and then compensate for it automatically. This ensures that boats without a rudder-reference track straight without any heading oscillation or drive hunting. It also improves the accuracy of the virtual rudder angle display on the boats autopilot controllers and rudder data displays.

Asymmetry - Hybrobalance | Raymarine

Challenge: Steering System Asymmetry caused by Unbalanced Hydraulic Cylinders cause the boat’s rudders or outboards to turn faster in one direction than the other.

Solution: Evolution’s new Hydro-Balance algorithm figures out the difference in fill-rate between a port-turn and a starboard-turn, and compensates accordingly. This makes for straight tracking without any over-correction or oscillation.

Propeller Walk - Hydrobalance | Raymarine

Challenge: Asymmetrical Torque Steer (aka Propeller Walk) causes the bow of the boat to veer to port or starboard at trolling speeds and during rapid acceleration.

Solution: Evolution’s Hydro-Balance algorithm, in combination with its ultra-sensitive EV Sensor Core can sense the side-force caused by propeller walk and factor it in to the boat’s autopilot steering to ensure the heading is rock-solid during trolling, acceleration, and on occasions where the boat’s engines are not turning at the same speed (on twin or multi-engine vessels.)

Hydro-Balance Now Available | Raymarine

Hydro-Balance™ is available now!

Hydro-Balance™ is now available and any existing Evolution™ autopilot system customers can download the new software, free of charge, from the software download area of the Raymarine website.